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The Magi

The Magi are the principal magic users of the world of Ameros. They are known as the "The Children of the Moon" and are referred to by that because they are all born under the full moon.

Their power is considered to be rivaled only by Clerics who are known as the Disciples of the Sun. All Elves are born under the full moon making them all Magi.

The Magi control the elements of the world and use Arcane Magic rather than Divine. They can conjure almost anything given enough time and practice. They are exceedingly rare outside of Elven culture and are feared by most. Fire is the most common element used by the Magi and it is mastered by many colleges and schools.

The Colleges of the Magi are used by all potential Arcane students. There are several Colleges in the Kingdom of Kirath, but none more prestigious then the Scholara Ignatum, or the Fire School. It is head mastered by the Arch Magi Artran. Students of this school master fire, before any other element.

Artran was once a student of Vorevran and turned against him during the Great Coup. He is one of the few that can speak Draconic and has a Jouchungfah companion called Belowron. He led his school against the King and was defeated by his former master. Since then he has retired to brooding and instructing disinterested students.

The Scholara Ignatum is located in the capital of Kirath, where Vorevran can keep an eye on him.

Several other prominent schools exist in the realm: 

Scholara Ignatum: Fire School located in the Capital

Scholara Aquatum: Water & Ice School located in the Capital

Scholara Geodium: Earth School located in Allusia

Scholara Aerodium: Air School located in Sarkhan

Scholara Arcanum: Arcane School located in Sarkhan

Order of the Sacred Wind: Air School located in Wayboh

Order of the Scarred Ones: Necromancy School in Sarkhan

The most prominent schools are still very small. They teach no more than twenty to fifty students at a time. The Magi apprentice between five and twenty years. Each of the Kingdom's Legions have a small group of Magi assigned to them. The Colleges actually rent out their Magi to the legions for a period of a year or more.  All Magi must bear a signet ring that indicates their license to practice magic.

Mana Nodes are located in all Magi. Where they are depends on several factors. These include birth origins, type of magic practiced, and gender. Magi who study the spells of the Earth most commonly have their Mana Nodes located in the spine.

The Mana Nodes can be removed by physically cutting them out or by powerful Necromantic spells. Only very powerful Magi can locate the Nodes and remove them. Cutting them out is a painful and tricky process that can often end in premature death.

During a Lunar Eclipse the Magi lose their power as the Cleric's lose theirs during a Solar Eclipse. Most Magi retreat during this time. Those unfortunate enough to be left in the open are usually killed by Magi Hunters or disgruntled peasants and freemen.

If a Mana Node is struck by a knife it releases a tiny puff of Mana Energy. Extremely powerful Magi can trigger a chain reaction which causes a massive explosion.

While the Magi are revered and feared by all they are some of the most valuable assets the Realm holds. Dozens of smaller colleges and covens exist throughout the Kingdom's provinces. Magi practicing outside the Kingdom's Law are hunted down by the Piscinam (Magi Hunters). Life as a Magi is hard, but fruitful. They can always find work if they are licensed to do so. Almost all High Lords employ one.

Shire of Harbour of Rhye

Basic Background:
The Shire of Harbour of Rhye is controlled by Sheriff Redav Von Kirathelle and Lady Ogoolo Von Kirathelle. The Shire is one of the richest in the Realm and is almost completely autonomous from the other Shires due to its natural boundaries. It has elite soldiers known as the Soldiers of the Rhye that patrol its lands. It is also plagued by pirates called the Zodiac Fleet that sail between here and Adrinor. Harbour of Rhye exports a large amount of crops including Smokeweed (tobacco) which is then transported by the West Wind Trading Company. 

Sheriff Redav Von Kirathelle is known as "The Young Lord" due to his extremely young age. He is married to Ogoolo Von Kirathelle and rules the Shire. He worked his way up to Sheriff from the position of chancellor, now held by Lord Wehn Nombra. Sheriff Redav is an experienced battle commander having led the Soldiers of the Rhye into battle many times. He is well respected by all in the realm. 

Lady Ogoolo Von Kirathelle is the reigning lady of Harbour of Rhye. She is ascended to the position by winning the Champion's Tournament and attracted the eye of Sheriff Redav. They were married soon after. Many mercenaries, would-be knights, and soldiers come to fight in this tourney. Queen Marion has entered this tournament and won. Lady Ogoolo hopes to fight Queen Marion one day. 

Lord Wehn Nombra is the Lord of Veles Harbour and the Elderman of the Town of Nombra. He is a long time friend of Sheriff Redav and helped Sheriff Redav ascend to the Seat of the Rhye. He spends most of his time aboard his flag ship. It is believed that he secretly heads the Zodiac Pirates. 

Mitsuhide Asahina is the Captain of the Guard in the Shire. He is a bigger man with a fondness for women of other races. Hailing from the Duchy of Wayboh he speaks with a Eastrese accent. He often leads the Soldiers of the Rhye into Blood Gulch where they have fought many enemies. 

Ezekiel Drawde Esq. is the Captain of the Toxotai (Rhye's Archers) and is the commander of Fort Redav. He is often leads parties to attack Lizard Man in the northern part of the Shire. He is the second son of a low Lord of another province far away. 

Grel the Farmer is the Elderman of the Riverview Farm. He is an aged man and was once the Chancellor of the shire. He provides rare herbs for a majority of the realm. He is the biggest non supporter of the King.

Chief Grond is the Tribal Chief of the Orcs of the Rhye. He is also rumored to lead the Lizardmen. He is a brutal man who will kill his own soldiers to ensure a victory. Sheriff Redav has vowed to kill him. 

Elves (less than 1000)
Dwarves (less than 1000)

King's Men- The King's Men are the most common race in the Kingdom of Kirath. They are generally white or black. The speak Weilish and worship the Divine One.

Men of the Rhye- The men of the Rhye are a stronger and tougher breed of men. They are only found in Harbour of Rhye and all have brown hair. 

Scaled Ones- The Scaled Ones are Lizardmen and Dragonkin and their beasts. They are barbaric and often attack small farming communities and rarely the Hamlet itself. They use weapons made of chipped stone and wear the pelts of bears and sometimes humans. 

Greenskins- The Greenskins, mostly orcs in this province, are a violent and aggressive race. The Orcs constantly attack the Shire. They are led by Chief Grond. 

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The Prestigious Order of Seven Colored Knights

The Seven...

Sir Agaron Cromwell, The Golden Knight, is the Commander of the Seven Colored Knights. He is the named heir to the Duchy of Allusia. Regarded as the greatest and most noble of all the seven colored knights, Sir Agaron wholeheartedly serves the King.

A childhood friend of the Black Knight, Sir Temron, their relationship has become a bit strained in the last few years. Sir Agaron has blonde hair and is quite built. His father, Duke Brethalda Cromwell is the Master of Trade for the entire Kingdom. His Sword is called Grimforged.

Sir Temron, the Black Knight, is the heir apparent to the seat of Wynterhollow. He is the most violent and chaotic of the seven. He has little to no interest in being a Duke and prefers to fight monsters and quest to the farthest reaches of the realm.

A master swordsman and cavalier he is the most fearsome Knight in the realm. He rides only black stallions and his armor is as black as night.

Sir Temron is also suspiciously loyal to Lord Rendulf Mayeshire, something which has led Sir Agaron to distrust him. His Sword is called Light's Bane.

Sir Waltar Lovelace is the White Knight, Dragon Rider, and the heir of apparent to the Seat of Sarkhan. He is the only one of the Seven that can speak Draconic, the language spoken by the dragons.

He rides his Jouchungfah companion, Imperion. He is the only one of the Seven that rides anything but a horse as a mount. He most often wields a lance called Thorn, but his sword's name is Gale-wind. He is plate armor, painted white, and has diamonds adorning it. He is not fond of the King, as his father fought against King Durian I during the Great Coup.

Sir Birtan Ahiga is the Brown Knight and the Heir Apparent to Wynterland and the Chain of the Realm. He is from the island of Wynterhawk, but lives in Kirath Proper.

He wears brown armor and wears feathers sewn to pelts underneath as a gambeson. He stands with Sir Temron on almost every matter and opposes the King's Rule. He rides a brown steed from the mainland and is the most fond of questing. He will often travel to Adrinor with Sir Agaron and Sir Temron in feeble attempts to reclaim it.

He wields a sword called Fox Tooth which has a minor effect on the snows of the north.

Sir Roland Brickhardt XVII is the Green Knight and heir apparent to the seat at Telmir. His father as known as the Loyal Traitor. Many of the freemen of the Realm support Sheriff Roland as the proper king.

He is the only one of the seven that prefers to use a bow rather than his sword. He holds Thunder Blaster as his blade. He also has a significant tie to the earth as a member of Green Brethren. The loyalty of the Green Knight is always in question, because of his father.

Rarely meeting with the other seven, Sir Roland spends his time in the woods of Telmir. He often allies with Sir Temron and contemplates another coup and believes that should the colored Knights side against the King it would be successful. He was once charged with killing a group of Casparian Knights who attempted to stop him from burning down a Goblin village. He declared it as self defense and was released from penance by King Barian I.

Sir Jacobus "Longtits" Bumbleton is the Crimson Knight and the heir apparent to both Bumbleton and North Bumbleton. He is the Crimson Knight because of his oath to never shed blood. As the top tournament fighter in the realm, Sir Jacobus can easily out match the other knights in sparring combat.

Known as Longtits because of his rippling body. The other seven jokingly say when he is old his muscle will sag and so will his tits. He is the youngest of the seven being only twenty two years old. He wields the blade Spoken Word a sword that bonds him to his oath. It keeps him from slaying enemies and allows him to knock out and incapacitate them instead. He is extremely loyal to the King and Sir Temron. He was once squired to Sir Gondfound, whom he also has much respect.

Sir Gondfound Wrathfalcon, the Silver Knight and Captain of the Keep of Kirath. He is a man in his late thirties and one of the most talented fighters in the realm. He is one of the Seven Colored Knights and is the sworn defender of the King.

He protects the King night & day never taking a day off. Never questing with the other Seven unless the King himself is going. He bares a hatred towards the Black Knight, Sir Temron, who shares the feeling. He wields Righteous Steel a sword that has been in his family for centuries.

For over one thousand years the Prestigious Order of Seven Colored Knights has protected the realm of Kirath and Ameros. Each Knight passes his color unto a worthy and deserving successor. Each Knight carries a blade of some magical means, but they are not passed down. Instead the Knights are buried with them in the Halls of Chivalry. The Knight's report directly to the King.

The Current Knight's Blades:

Grimforged- A powerful sword forged by Jemron, Thane of Wynterhollow and brother to Sir Temron. Sir Agaron stole the blade as a young Knight and became magically bonded to it. It is the most powerful of the current blades. It can deflect most magic attacks and makes Sir Agaron strike true almost every time.

Light's Bane- A sword forged in darkness. It channels the wielders inner hate, sadness, and rage into a sparkling blue energy. The sword strikes with the force of a hundred Knights charging a castle wall. It is wielded by the brooding Sir Temron.

Gale-Wind- This sword allows the wielder to better understand the air and its workings. The sword gives Sir Waltar the ability to summon a strong wind that comes in gusts. It was gifted to Sir Waltar; a present from Imperion.

Fox Tooth- Widely considered the weakest of the blades currently wielded, Fox Tooth is a family blade that can control the snows of the north to some degree. Sir Birtan theorizes that its true power is locked away and that he must retrieve the Frozen Eye to awaken its power. Its pommel is adorned with fox teeth.

Thunder Blaster- The most reckless of the Blades. Gifted to the first Green Knight it is the only sword to be passed down from Knight to Knight. It has the ability to call a swift and sudden storm when the wilds are threatened. When it strikes another blade it will shatter it, assuming it isnt magical, and thunder will cry out. Sir Roland prefers to use a bow however.

Spoken Word- Sir Jacobus's sword allows him to never break his oath or oaths. He has sworn never to take a life and his sword prevents him from doing that. Many seek this sword and the other Knight's are envious of it.

Righteous Steel- Sir Gondfound's sword may never be used to harm the true King. It is the largest of the current blades and capable of cutting through almost anything. Sir Temron has made a point in saying he wishes to destroy the blade and secretly to Sir Gondfound that he wished to destroy him as well.

While the blades arent the most powerful in Ameros they are among the top. An Onsuntir is almost always better, but a Seven Colored Knight is worth 2-3 Casparian Knights and 5-6 of any other Order.

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The Green Brethren

The Green Brethren, Life Givers

The Green Brethren are a Druidic Order that spans the great continents of Ameros. They are revered by all for their great power and influential control over nature. They are referred to by some as the life givers and others as the bringers of war.

The Green Brethren often take pride in giving voices and power to creatures who cannot stand up for themselves, most notably the Ursan and the Dra'Hani. They are a wandering nomadic order that will settle for a short time in different shires and share their teachings.

Druids that are part of The Green Brethren specialize in animal communication and have many sects throughout the world. They have no real leadership and have no intention of starting wars.

The Royal Court

"The Royal Court is a place where the King should feel the most secure, surrounded by the people he loves and who love him, not imbeciles like you Sir Temron!" -Prime Minister Zenksys to Sir Temron 

The Royal Court is comprised of several people including the King's Family. It also consists of the King's Council and his Captain of the Keep, Sir Gondfound. 

King Barian leads the Royal Court as the King of Kirath. He is known as The Young King. While not the most talented fighter, he has great skill with a blade and trains with his Captain, Sir Gondfound, whenever he has time. 

His throne is a simple oak-wood chair, polished, and adorned with beautiful carvings. He hears matters of state for a few hours each day, before retiring to relaxation or training. When he is not seated during forum, his Steward, Prime Minister Zenksys Wrathfalcon, hears all problems. Peasants and Lords alike are allowed to come before the King, but the waiting time can be over a year. 

Lower dignitaries and officers will sort out lower level problems and are in return given homes within the King's City and the title of Lord after a few years of service. There are said to be several dozen "Low Lords" as they are called living within the richer districts of the city. 

 Prince Kerrigan of Small Sea is the Heir Apparent to the throne of Kirath. He is of the Dragonsbane name, but like his cousin Marion, took the name of his homeland. While he spends almost no time in the Kingdom Proper, as the Heir Apparent he is always welcome. 

He is fiercely loyal to his young cousins: Barian, Colandra, and Marion and will do anything in his power to protect them. With no interest in the throne, he spends most of his time questing in Small Sea.

Princess Colandra Dragonsbane is known as the Raven of Kirath. It is said that her beauty will one day cause a war that will cripple the great nation. Countless battles will be fought in her name and many men will die. Or so the tavern tales go. She is third in line for the throne of Kirath and younger sister to King Barian Dragonsbane. She is sixteen years old and has nothing to do with the running of the Kingdom.

Her relationship with her cousin Queen Marion is generally very good and she sometimes dreams of travelling to Sumptun. She has no interest in the throne, but often imagines sitting upon it. Her brother and cousins are very protective of her and plan on forcing her to join some religious order as a Priestess, but she wishes to marry a knight and have many children.

Queen Marion of Sumpton is cousin to King Barian, Princess Colandra, and Prince Kerrigan. She is fourth in line to the throne and has a throne of her own in the small country of Sumptun. She is known as the Envy of the Realm, because her beauty and power are rivaled by none. Most believe her to be a better monarch than King Barian, but she doesn't let that belief influence her in any way. She knows she is a better monarch than her younger cousin, but respects his leadership anyway.

Sumptun still relies heavily on goods from Kirath and maintains good relations with its traders. Queen Marion spends most of her time in the Capital of Sumptun, but often travels to sit in on King's Council meetings. Very talented with a blade, she will also enter tournaments in male armor fighting sometimes to the death.

The Queen Mother, Hera, is the mother of Barian and Colandra. She is the aunt of Kerrigan and Marion. Most importantly she is the most experienced member of the court.

Adept at solving complex problems, Queen Hera often guides young King Barian through life. She will settle many of the Kingdom's smaller problems without consulting her son. This is much to King Barian's dismay sometimes. She has shown an interest in Sir Gondfound and has he her, but as their positions do not allow such a fraternization.

Prime Minister Zenksys Wrathfalcon is the Steward of the Keep of Kirath and adviser to the King. He is also the uncle of Sir Gondfound Wrathfalcon. He, like his nephew, is very loyal to the King and wants to see him succeed. Known to look very snake faced, he grows facial hair to cover up his devious looks.

Fond of both Princess Colandra and Queen Marion, he spends a great deal of time making sure they stay out of trouble when together. On several occasions he has stopped them from candlestick fighting over the Throne of Kirath.

He is fond of the Drink and will often pass out on his days off, which are rare. Talented with a sword, but more talented with his tongue, he settles debates between Elderman and Villagers most of his day. He is sixth in line for the Throne of Kirath.

Sir Gondfound Wrathfalcon, the Silver Knight and Captain of the Keep of Kirath. He is a man in his late thirties and one of the most talented fighters in the realm. He is one of the Seven Colored Knights and is the sworn defender of the King.

He protects the King night & day never taking a day off. Never questing with the other Seven unless the King himself is going. He bares a hatred towards the Black Knight, Sir Temron, who shares the feeling.

Vorevran the Arch Magi of Kirath is considered by many the most powerful magic user alive. He serves faithfully as the King's Magical Adviser. He specializes in fire magic and is one of the few men to have killed a Jouchungfah, a breed he bares utter hatred towards. He was recruited by King Barian for his magical abilities, but he also provides wise council many matters.

Many apprentice magi have been trained by Vorevran and then moved on to have apprentices of their own. He is an middle aged man of about fifty years, but his face does not reflect this fact.

Vorevran distrusts Lord Rendulf and most of the Seven Colored Knights, but bites his tongue. He has warned Lord Rendulf that he would be his undoing if something were to happen.

Lord Rendulf Mayeshire is the Chief Ambassador to Foreign Realms and the Sheriff of Mayeshire. He has an apparent distaste for the King that is obvious to everyone save the King himself.

At one time he was a talented young soldier, but that was years ago. He served as an Officer in a Cavalry Unit of the King's 1st Legion. He married young and fathered several children, only one of which is still living. His wife was executed on suspicion of treason. Lord Zenksys attempted to stop this, but arrived an hour to late. At that point Lord Zenksys ordered Sir Temron to arrest Lord Mayeshire. Making a move to seize him, Sir Temron quickly turned and refused the order.

Lord Rendulf then had his men escort the Prime Minister off of Mayeshire Lands. He then convinced the King to give him a Council position to make up for Lord Zenksys's folly. 

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The Dragons of Ameros

This Part will take a while to complete and may also involve session notes. 

There are many types of Dragons in the world of New Ameros, each have a distinctive name they are called, because they are all believe to be different creatures. 

The Types of Dragons:

The Jouchungfah (Fire Dragons)

The Jouchungfah, literally translated from Eastrese as Burning Gold Hoarder or Wealthy Fire Maker, they are the most powerful of the Dragons. Their leader was for centuries Opon-Rahd, before he was killed by Gezlic I. 

The Jouchungfah breath fire at varying degrees and bursts. Intelligent, but greedy, the Jouchungfah follow a Tolkienesc model. They love gold and will do almost anything to get more of it. Keeping vast wealth in their lairs, they will sleep on it for decades at a time. They fear the Dragonsbane family and will never attack the Kingdom Proper.

The Fenfanrir (Ice Dragons) 

The Nordage word for Serpent is Fen, Fan means fierceness or brutality, and Rir means ice. The Fenfanrir have for centuries prayed on the northern provinces of Wynterhollow and Wynterland. They attack small parishes and farm houses in order to bait the Knights and Soldiers to fight them. They love to fight, but are smaller than their Jouchungfah counterparts.

They live in ice and will rarely leave northern weather to travel south. More intelligent than most other dragons, the Fenfanrir follow their elders rather than one dragon. Their most prominent and oldest elder is Baelgoth, for which an Onsuntir was named. Onsuntir was also a Fenfanrir, before his death. Sir Caspar named the magical blade he wielded after his teacher, Onsuntir. Now all Casparian Knights carry and Onsuntir. They hate the Jouchungfah and only tolerate the other dragon types. They will sometimes hibernate under frozen lakes for centuries.

 The Raizan-Ka (Lightning Dragons)

The Raizan-Ka are known to stay airborne for months at a time. They will follow storms and truly live inside them. The Raizan-Ka are always a shade of electric blue and are the most mysterious of the Dragons. Even the others do not know much about them

They are considered by some to be the hardest dragon to slay. Some scholars believe that their electricity introduces mana into the world. So some people believe drinking their blood will give you magic powers. A small vial of the their blood can get you a warhorse, a small army, and keep. The Raizan-Ka are slaughtered by the Jouchungfah whenever they meet. For the most part the Raizan-Ka are peaceful and rarely attack anything.

Toifondo (Acid Dragons)

More to come...

To come: 
Ka'Na'Ti (Air Dragons)
(Dragon Kin)

The Crown Family

The Crown Family Dragonsbane... 
The Crown Family Dragonsbane is the ruling family of the Kingdom of Kirath. Currently His Majesty the King Barian Dragonsbane I, sits on the throne. The Dragonsbane family has been the ruling family of Kirath since early into its inception. They inherit their name from a clan of Dragon Slayers from the North. 

The Ruling Kings:
  • King Jarian Dragonsbane I (The first King of the Dragonsbane name, seized the throne) 
  • King Gezlic Dragonsbane I (Slayed Opon-Rahd, and cemented the family as dragon slayers) 
  • King Gezlic Dragonsbane II
  • King Gezlic Dragonsbane III
  • King Jarian Dragonsbane II
  • King Gezlic Dragonsbane IV
  • King Durian Dragonsbane I (Killed during Great Coup) 
  • King Barian Dragonsbane I (Current King) 
King Barian, being only eighteen years old, is a talented young King. A king that commands respect from most of his nobles and Royal Legions. He has brown hair and a perpetually young face. Seeing as he has been on the throne for only a short time, he relies on the Royal/King's Council and the Prime Minister, Lord Zenksys. His mother, Queen Hera ensures he does not make to many mistakes as she did his father. He also relies heavily on his sister Colandra and his cousins Prince Kerrigan of Smallsea and Queen Marion of Sumptun. 

His tax agreement with the provinces of Kirath, requires that 10% of all of the provinces crops be sent to the Kingdom Proper and then distributes the goods accordingly as well as holding 3% in storehouses. He often employs ex-soldiers as Lawmen on his roads and creates new divisions often. These Lawmen known as Royal Enforcers are given the power to arrest and even kill any who would threaten the safety of travelers on the King's Roads. The Royal Enforcers wear Brigandine armor or leather harnesses to protect themselves, riding old horses or ponies for mobility. They are equipped with short swords, spears, light bucklers, and iron helmets and wear surcoats with the symbol of a crowned raven. 

King Barian and his mother are protected by the Silver Knight, Sir Gondfound Wrathfalcon and while few men have risen up against His Majesty, there are rumors that certain lower nobles are stirring and itching for a chance to put Sheriff Roland Brickhardt on the throne via Counselors vote. King Barian intends to keep his family on the Throne by any means necessary and has left the 1st Legion camped within Sheriff Brickhardt's lands. When the Great Coup was thwarted, King Barian allowed Sheriff Brickhardt to resign his office as Supreme Commander and return to sit permanently on the Seat of Telmir, subsequently sparing his life.

Relationships with other Lords and Nobles can sometimes be stressed, due to his young age and inexperience, but his innovative ideas usually win doubters over. The policy in Kirath for treachery and betrayal of by a noble is banishment to serve as a Monk of the Sons of the Stitched Mouth or be taken in by another Lord, like Lord Telbar.

The Dragonsbane Family has led the realm to victory many times and over constant obstacles, but none as great as King Gezlic I. King Gezlic I managed to make a treaty with the High Elves of Drandfard Pass and thus allowed his troops to sweep in and strike a mortal blow to the Jouchungfah (Fire Dragons) worshipers and soldiers. This cemented their family as the greatest Dragon Slayers of all time. The family has not been opposed by any dragons since the Battle of Firepeak, when King Gezlic I slayed
Opon-Rahd the Dragon who lead all others.