Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shire of Carn'Del

Basic Background:

The Shire of Carn'Del is one of the smallest shires in the Kingdom of Kirath under the rule of King Barian I and its Sheriff Axel of Del. The Shire has been in poor health since the Brethren of the Forest came and gave a voice to the Dra'Hani. Sheriff Axel is able to maintain rule via the thirty knights the shire boasts. The Knights are of the Order of the Banded Blade. The Shire Proper has over 10,000 people living in it and the Hamlet of Southwood is home to 1500 farmers and craftsmen. While the main export of the Shire is wheat and barley, the Hamlet of Southwood also exports a significant amount of fish as well. 

Sheriff Axel of Del is a man in his late thirties. He has been sheriff for over ten years, succeeding his father in his failing health. He has trouble maintaining order and leaves most of his troops to garrison the Shire Proper. He spends most of his time in his keep, which causes most of his people to think of him as an absent lord. He is a talented diplomat, but has no experience in maintaining a Shire. He longs for a position on the King's Council.

Lady Renna of Del is the Lady of Carn'Del. She is married to the Sheriff, but has bore him no children save one who died at childbirth. She is beautiful yet her face is heavy with sorrow for the loss of her only child.

Drikkar the Elderman is the most prominent figure in the Hamlet of Southwood. He keeps an uneasy peace with the Dra'Hani, by giving them resources. He is not fond of the Sheriff and has led several small rebellions against the Shire Proper. Sir Yellowtree has quickly ended these rebellions.

Drel of Del is the advisor to Sheriff Axel. He is an older gentlemen in his late forties. Balding, but skinny, he offers council to the Sheriff and for the most part runs the Shire of Carn'Del.

Captain Moroz is the Ursan Captain of the Guard. Ursan are sentient bears that grow bigger than forest bears. He is one of the few true warriors the Shire Boasts other than the Knights of the Order of the Banded Blade. He ensures the safety of the Sheriff and the Shire Proper.

Sir Yellowtree of Del is the commanding knight at Fort Graystone. He commands the thirty knights and the four hundred men-at-arms and levy soldiers that are garrisoned at Fort Graystone. His main goal is for the Knights to reclaim Fort Blackstone to the south which was lost to bandits a century ago.

Prominent Races
Humans are a bulk of the races present in Carn'Del. They are a majority of the farmers, soldiers, men-at-arms, and fishermen. They are mostly loyal to the Sheriff, but have lost loyalty to their young King, Barian Dragonsbane.

Dra'Hani have been present since the Brethren of the Forest came and gave them a voice. The Dra'Hani are deer people givin hands. They now live in secrecy, killing all who enter their forest.

There are a few scattered beings of other races such as: halflings, orcs, and elves.

King's Men- Most of the people in the Shire are referred to as King's Men. They prominently speak Weilish. They worship the Divine One.

Hill People- The Hill People are a strange group of sky worshipers. They are few in number, but still practice in human sacrifice. Their faith is placed heavily in visions and prophecies. It is believed by many that they keep Mt. Farcry from erupting. This is the only place in Ameros they can be found. They most commonly speak Grekan.

Outlaws- The Outlaws are a group of bandits that have existed outside the rule of the Sheriff and the King for over a century. They captured Fort Blackstone and the Far Planes. They speak Weilish.

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