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The Crown Family

The Crown Family Dragonsbane... 
The Crown Family Dragonsbane is the ruling family of the Kingdom of Kirath. Currently His Majesty the King Barian Dragonsbane I, sits on the throne. The Dragonsbane family has been the ruling family of Kirath since early into its inception. They inherit their name from a clan of Dragon Slayers from the North. 

The Ruling Kings:
  • King Jarian Dragonsbane I (The first King of the Dragonsbane name, seized the throne) 
  • King Gezlic Dragonsbane I (Slayed Opon-Rahd, and cemented the family as dragon slayers) 
  • King Gezlic Dragonsbane II
  • King Gezlic Dragonsbane III
  • King Jarian Dragonsbane II
  • King Gezlic Dragonsbane IV
  • King Durian Dragonsbane I (Killed during Great Coup) 
  • King Barian Dragonsbane I (Current King) 
King Barian, being only eighteen years old, is a talented young King. A king that commands respect from most of his nobles and Royal Legions. He has brown hair and a perpetually young face. Seeing as he has been on the throne for only a short time, he relies on the Royal/King's Council and the Prime Minister, Lord Zenksys. His mother, Queen Hera ensures he does not make to many mistakes as she did his father. He also relies heavily on his sister Colandra and his cousins Prince Kerrigan of Smallsea and Queen Marion of Sumptun. 

His tax agreement with the provinces of Kirath, requires that 10% of all of the provinces crops be sent to the Kingdom Proper and then distributes the goods accordingly as well as holding 3% in storehouses. He often employs ex-soldiers as Lawmen on his roads and creates new divisions often. These Lawmen known as Royal Enforcers are given the power to arrest and even kill any who would threaten the safety of travelers on the King's Roads. The Royal Enforcers wear Brigandine armor or leather harnesses to protect themselves, riding old horses or ponies for mobility. They are equipped with short swords, spears, light bucklers, and iron helmets and wear surcoats with the symbol of a crowned raven. 

King Barian and his mother are protected by the Silver Knight, Sir Gondfound Wrathfalcon and while few men have risen up against His Majesty, there are rumors that certain lower nobles are stirring and itching for a chance to put Sheriff Roland Brickhardt on the throne via Counselors vote. King Barian intends to keep his family on the Throne by any means necessary and has left the 1st Legion camped within Sheriff Brickhardt's lands. When the Great Coup was thwarted, King Barian allowed Sheriff Brickhardt to resign his office as Supreme Commander and return to sit permanently on the Seat of Telmir, subsequently sparing his life.

Relationships with other Lords and Nobles can sometimes be stressed, due to his young age and inexperience, but his innovative ideas usually win doubters over. The policy in Kirath for treachery and betrayal of by a noble is banishment to serve as a Monk of the Sons of the Stitched Mouth or be taken in by another Lord, like Lord Telbar.

The Dragonsbane Family has led the realm to victory many times and over constant obstacles, but none as great as King Gezlic I. King Gezlic I managed to make a treaty with the High Elves of Drandfard Pass and thus allowed his troops to sweep in and strike a mortal blow to the Jouchungfah (Fire Dragons) worshipers and soldiers. This cemented their family as the greatest Dragon Slayers of all time. The family has not been opposed by any dragons since the Battle of Firepeak, when King Gezlic I slayed
Opon-Rahd the Dragon who lead all others. 

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