Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Shire of Telmir

Basic Background:
The Shire of Telmir is home to tens of thousands of King's Men as well as the regional home to the King's First Legion. A unit made up of consists of six thousand professional soldiers. It has two thousand private soldiers and officers, six hundred cavalry, including thirty knights, thirty staff and support soldiers (including magi and clerics), the rest of legion is comprised of auxiliary units and yeoman. The Legion is permanently camped outside of Fort Grand. The Shire is ruled by Sheriff Roland Brickhardt XVI who commands the utmost respect. Telmir is also host to inhospitable mountain ranges, dense forests, and great scaled beasts. Most of its populace mines ores and metals from the mountains which provides much of the steel for the realm. There is always honest work to be found in Telmir.

Sheriff Roland Brickhardt XVI is the ruling noble in Telmir. He was prominent general and great tactician who severed as Supreme Commander of the King's Legions for over twenty years, before rising up against the ruling Dragonsbane family. His son is a member of the Seven Colored Knights and a great slayer of scaled ones. He has many troops loyal to Telmir, which is why the King's 1st Legion is camped in his lands to maintain order. Telmirian Patrols are notorious for robbing travelers ill equipped to defend themselves. He maintains good relations with the elves.

Sir Roland Brickhardt XVII is the Green Knight. He is only twenty two years old and a formidable warrior. He is battle hardened, having lead men into battle several times. He is also the heir apparent to the noble seat of Telmir. Most of his time is spent on Beast Plains fighting Scaled Ones and their Beasts.

Lord Telbar of Telmir is the forsaken fat old lord who rules the village of Travelers End. He was Royal Advisor to the Supreme Commander when Sheriff Brickhardt attempted his coup. He was exiled from the capital and Sheriff Brickhardt gave him rule of the small village of Travelers End. He has subsequently turned it into a place of selfish indulgence. He is slowly building his wealth back up.

Gregorn the Elder is the Elderman of the Hamlet of Numba. He is an older man, who spent his life in the fields. He has no skill in battle or politics and thus forced the Sheriff to appoint a Warden to oversee the political and military actions of the Hamlet. The Hamlet produces most of the Shires crops and grains, despite having a population of only fourteen hundred.

Sir Yelinor of Telmir is the Warden of Numba. He quite often argues with its Eldermen, Gregorn. He is a relaxed official and commands only fifty soldiers and watchmen. He has black hair and has a worn face.

Lord Morton Binsbury is the Commander of the King's First Legion. He is a rich and educated man who awaits a chance to prove himself in battle. He lives in the capital at Castle Brickhardt, but spends most of his time at Fort Grand, much to the dismay of its leadership.

Halflings (less than 1000)
Ursan (less than 1000)
Other Races (less than 100)

King's Men- The King's Men are the most common race in the Kingdom of Kirath. They are generally white or black. The speak Weilish and worship the Divine One.

Wood Elves- The Elves of this region are nomads who trade their magical and powerful items to wandering adventurers. They keep to themselves. They regularly carry bows and powerful magic spells.

Scaled Ones- The Scaled Ones are Lizardmen and Dragonkin and their beasts. They are barbaric and often attack small farming communities and rarely the Hamlet itself. They use weapons made of chipped stone and wear the pelts of bears and sometimes humans. 

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