Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Dragons of Ameros

This Part will take a while to complete and may also involve session notes. 

There are many types of Dragons in the world of New Ameros, each have a distinctive name they are called, because they are all believe to be different creatures. 

The Types of Dragons:

The Jouchungfah (Fire Dragons)

The Jouchungfah, literally translated from Eastrese as Burning Gold Hoarder or Wealthy Fire Maker, they are the most powerful of the Dragons. Their leader was for centuries Opon-Rahd, before he was killed by Gezlic I. 

The Jouchungfah breath fire at varying degrees and bursts. Intelligent, but greedy, the Jouchungfah follow a Tolkienesc model. They love gold and will do almost anything to get more of it. Keeping vast wealth in their lairs, they will sleep on it for decades at a time. They fear the Dragonsbane family and will never attack the Kingdom Proper.

The Fenfanrir (Ice Dragons) 

The Nordage word for Serpent is Fen, Fan means fierceness or brutality, and Rir means ice. The Fenfanrir have for centuries prayed on the northern provinces of Wynterhollow and Wynterland. They attack small parishes and farm houses in order to bait the Knights and Soldiers to fight them. They love to fight, but are smaller than their Jouchungfah counterparts.

They live in ice and will rarely leave northern weather to travel south. More intelligent than most other dragons, the Fenfanrir follow their elders rather than one dragon. Their most prominent and oldest elder is Baelgoth, for which an Onsuntir was named. Onsuntir was also a Fenfanrir, before his death. Sir Caspar named the magical blade he wielded after his teacher, Onsuntir. Now all Casparian Knights carry and Onsuntir. They hate the Jouchungfah and only tolerate the other dragon types. They will sometimes hibernate under frozen lakes for centuries.

 The Raizan-Ka (Lightning Dragons)

The Raizan-Ka are known to stay airborne for months at a time. They will follow storms and truly live inside them. The Raizan-Ka are always a shade of electric blue and are the most mysterious of the Dragons. Even the others do not know much about them

They are considered by some to be the hardest dragon to slay. Some scholars believe that their electricity introduces mana into the world. So some people believe drinking their blood will give you magic powers. A small vial of the their blood can get you a warhorse, a small army, and keep. The Raizan-Ka are slaughtered by the Jouchungfah whenever they meet. For the most part the Raizan-Ka are peaceful and rarely attack anything.

Toifondo (Acid Dragons)

More to come...

To come: 
Ka'Na'Ti (Air Dragons)
(Dragon Kin)

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