Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Magi

The Magi are the principal magic users of the world of Ameros. They are known as the "The Children of the Moon" and are referred to by that because they are all born under the full moon.

Their power is considered to be rivaled only by Clerics who are known as the Disciples of the Sun. All Elves are born under the full moon making them all Magi.

The Magi control the elements of the world and use Arcane Magic rather than Divine. They can conjure almost anything given enough time and practice. They are exceedingly rare outside of Elven culture and are feared by most. Fire is the most common element used by the Magi and it is mastered by many colleges and schools.

The Colleges of the Magi are used by all potential Arcane students. There are several Colleges in the Kingdom of Kirath, but none more prestigious then the Scholara Ignatum, or the Fire School. It is head mastered by the Arch Magi Artran. Students of this school master fire, before any other element.

Artran was once a student of Vorevran and turned against him during the Great Coup. He is one of the few that can speak Draconic and has a Jouchungfah companion called Belowron. He led his school against the King and was defeated by his former master. Since then he has retired to brooding and instructing disinterested students.

The Scholara Ignatum is located in the capital of Kirath, where Vorevran can keep an eye on him.

Several other prominent schools exist in the realm: 

Scholara Ignatum: Fire School located in the Capital

Scholara Aquatum: Water & Ice School located in the Capital

Scholara Geodium: Earth School located in Allusia

Scholara Aerodium: Air School located in Sarkhan

Scholara Arcanum: Arcane School located in Sarkhan

Order of the Sacred Wind: Air School located in Wayboh

Order of the Scarred Ones: Necromancy School in Sarkhan

The most prominent schools are still very small. They teach no more than twenty to fifty students at a time. The Magi apprentice between five and twenty years. Each of the Kingdom's Legions have a small group of Magi assigned to them. The Colleges actually rent out their Magi to the legions for a period of a year or more.  All Magi must bear a signet ring that indicates their license to practice magic.

Mana Nodes are located in all Magi. Where they are depends on several factors. These include birth origins, type of magic practiced, and gender. Magi who study the spells of the Earth most commonly have their Mana Nodes located in the spine.

The Mana Nodes can be removed by physically cutting them out or by powerful Necromantic spells. Only very powerful Magi can locate the Nodes and remove them. Cutting them out is a painful and tricky process that can often end in premature death.

During a Lunar Eclipse the Magi lose their power as the Cleric's lose theirs during a Solar Eclipse. Most Magi retreat during this time. Those unfortunate enough to be left in the open are usually killed by Magi Hunters or disgruntled peasants and freemen.

If a Mana Node is struck by a knife it releases a tiny puff of Mana Energy. Extremely powerful Magi can trigger a chain reaction which causes a massive explosion.

While the Magi are revered and feared by all they are some of the most valuable assets the Realm holds. Dozens of smaller colleges and covens exist throughout the Kingdom's provinces. Magi practicing outside the Kingdom's Law are hunted down by the Piscinam (Magi Hunters). Life as a Magi is hard, but fruitful. They can always find work if they are licensed to do so. Almost all High Lords employ one.

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