Sunday, December 4, 2011

The True God's of New Ameros

The True Gods 
The True Gods are said to have forged the world in their own design. The Divine One set his four children upon the world to build it as they saw fit. The Divine One is the primary father figure for the gods. He is viewed as golden knight who grants power and virtue to the Knights of the Realm.

Most people give worship and praise to The Divine One on the a day of ceasing work, which is like Sunday. Most people give their worship inside small churches located on the highest point of their villages. Some people of the realm do not believe in the True Gods, but they are persecuted by radicals and zealots.

The Black Hound is the oldest son of The Divine One. He is the God of Death, Treachery, Violence, and War. His fur is as black as night and he drools abysmal despair. His eyes glow blood red and his snarling teeth shiver and muffle his growling maw.

He will find his victims and drag them off into the night, feasting on their souls. He perpetuates disease and plague. The Black Hound often attempts to interfere with his brothers decisions. Priests of Death make sacrifices to The Black Hound often.

The Dark Stallion is the God of Decision.

More to come...

The Great Green Serpent is the God of Dragons, Serpents, and Fire.

The Great Green Serpent is the God of Dragons, Serpents, and Fire. He gifted fire to the world. He is most often depicted as a Green Dragon. All Dragons are supposedly Aspects of the God. Although the Major Magical Colleges disagree with this idea.

More to come...

The Great Red Crab of Adrinor is the God of the Seas. He built and destroyed the culture and cities of Adrinor. The 7 Colored Knights often travel there in feeble attempts to reclaim it. The Great Red Crab grew tired of the over fishing and decided to wipe the people of Adrinor out. He sent massive waves, armies of sea creatures, and ruthless pirates to reclaim the Island Shire.

For six years the people and Sheriff of Adrinor fought against the Great Red Crab and bested his armies. One day the Sheriff's son walked onto the beach and met an aspect of the Great Red Crab himself. The aspect killed the young boy, which drove the Sheriff to commit suicide. Soon after Adrinor fell into ruin. Most of its people were drowned by The Great Red Crab's waves. After which the Great Red Crab made the lost cities of Adrinor home to his minions and followers. It is widely considered the most dangerous region in Ameros.

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