Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shire of Harbour of Rhye

Basic Background:
The Shire of Harbour of Rhye is controlled by Sheriff Redav Von Kirathelle and Lady Ogoolo Von Kirathelle. The Shire is one of the richest in the Realm and is almost completely autonomous from the other Shires due to its natural boundaries. It has elite soldiers known as the Soldiers of the Rhye that patrol its lands. It is also plagued by pirates called the Zodiac Fleet that sail between here and Adrinor. Harbour of Rhye exports a large amount of crops including Smokeweed (tobacco) which is then transported by the West Wind Trading Company. 

Sheriff Redav Von Kirathelle is known as "The Young Lord" due to his extremely young age. He is married to Ogoolo Von Kirathelle and rules the Shire. He worked his way up to Sheriff from the position of chancellor, now held by Lord Wehn Nombra. Sheriff Redav is an experienced battle commander having led the Soldiers of the Rhye into battle many times. He is well respected by all in the realm. 

Lady Ogoolo Von Kirathelle is the reigning lady of Harbour of Rhye. She is ascended to the position by winning the Champion's Tournament and attracted the eye of Sheriff Redav. They were married soon after. Many mercenaries, would-be knights, and soldiers come to fight in this tourney. Queen Marion has entered this tournament and won. Lady Ogoolo hopes to fight Queen Marion one day. 

Lord Wehn Nombra is the Lord of Veles Harbour and the Elderman of the Town of Nombra. He is a long time friend of Sheriff Redav and helped Sheriff Redav ascend to the Seat of the Rhye. He spends most of his time aboard his flag ship. It is believed that he secretly heads the Zodiac Pirates. 

Mitsuhide Asahina is the Captain of the Guard in the Shire. He is a bigger man with a fondness for women of other races. Hailing from the Duchy of Wayboh he speaks with a Eastrese accent. He often leads the Soldiers of the Rhye into Blood Gulch where they have fought many enemies. 

Ezekiel Drawde Esq. is the Captain of the Toxotai (Rhye's Archers) and is the commander of Fort Redav. He is often leads parties to attack Lizard Man in the northern part of the Shire. He is the second son of a low Lord of another province far away. 

Grel the Farmer is the Elderman of the Riverview Farm. He is an aged man and was once the Chancellor of the shire. He provides rare herbs for a majority of the realm. He is the biggest non supporter of the King.

Chief Grond is the Tribal Chief of the Orcs of the Rhye. He is also rumored to lead the Lizardmen. He is a brutal man who will kill his own soldiers to ensure a victory. Sheriff Redav has vowed to kill him. 

Elves (less than 1000)
Dwarves (less than 1000)

King's Men- The King's Men are the most common race in the Kingdom of Kirath. They are generally white or black. The speak Weilish and worship the Divine One.

Men of the Rhye- The men of the Rhye are a stronger and tougher breed of men. They are only found in Harbour of Rhye and all have brown hair. 

Scaled Ones- The Scaled Ones are Lizardmen and Dragonkin and their beasts. They are barbaric and often attack small farming communities and rarely the Hamlet itself. They use weapons made of chipped stone and wear the pelts of bears and sometimes humans. 

Greenskins- The Greenskins, mostly orcs in this province, are a violent and aggressive race. The Orcs constantly attack the Shire. They are led by Chief Grond. 

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