Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Prestigious Order of Seven Colored Knights

The Seven...

Sir Agaron Cromwell, The Golden Knight, is the Commander of the Seven Colored Knights. He is the named heir to the Duchy of Allusia. Regarded as the greatest and most noble of all the seven colored knights, Sir Agaron wholeheartedly serves the King.

A childhood friend of the Black Knight, Sir Temron, their relationship has become a bit strained in the last few years. Sir Agaron has blonde hair and is quite built. His father, Duke Brethalda Cromwell is the Master of Trade for the entire Kingdom. His Sword is called Grimforged.

Sir Temron, the Black Knight, is the heir apparent to the seat of Wynterhollow. He is the most violent and chaotic of the seven. He has little to no interest in being a Duke and prefers to fight monsters and quest to the farthest reaches of the realm.

A master swordsman and cavalier he is the most fearsome Knight in the realm. He rides only black stallions and his armor is as black as night.

Sir Temron is also suspiciously loyal to Lord Rendulf Mayeshire, something which has led Sir Agaron to distrust him. His Sword is called Light's Bane.

Sir Waltar Lovelace is the White Knight, Dragon Rider, and the heir of apparent to the Seat of Sarkhan. He is the only one of the Seven that can speak Draconic, the language spoken by the dragons.

He rides his Jouchungfah companion, Imperion. He is the only one of the Seven that rides anything but a horse as a mount. He most often wields a lance called Thorn, but his sword's name is Gale-wind. He is plate armor, painted white, and has diamonds adorning it. He is not fond of the King, as his father fought against King Durian I during the Great Coup.

Sir Birtan Ahiga is the Brown Knight and the Heir Apparent to Wynterland and the Chain of the Realm. He is from the island of Wynterhawk, but lives in Kirath Proper.

He wears brown armor and wears feathers sewn to pelts underneath as a gambeson. He stands with Sir Temron on almost every matter and opposes the King's Rule. He rides a brown steed from the mainland and is the most fond of questing. He will often travel to Adrinor with Sir Agaron and Sir Temron in feeble attempts to reclaim it.

He wields a sword called Fox Tooth which has a minor effect on the snows of the north.

Sir Roland Brickhardt XVII is the Green Knight and heir apparent to the seat at Telmir. His father as known as the Loyal Traitor. Many of the freemen of the Realm support Sheriff Roland as the proper king.

He is the only one of the seven that prefers to use a bow rather than his sword. He holds Thunder Blaster as his blade. He also has a significant tie to the earth as a member of Green Brethren. The loyalty of the Green Knight is always in question, because of his father.

Rarely meeting with the other seven, Sir Roland spends his time in the woods of Telmir. He often allies with Sir Temron and contemplates another coup and believes that should the colored Knights side against the King it would be successful. He was once charged with killing a group of Casparian Knights who attempted to stop him from burning down a Goblin village. He declared it as self defense and was released from penance by King Barian I.

Sir Jacobus "Longtits" Bumbleton is the Crimson Knight and the heir apparent to both Bumbleton and North Bumbleton. He is the Crimson Knight because of his oath to never shed blood. As the top tournament fighter in the realm, Sir Jacobus can easily out match the other knights in sparring combat.

Known as Longtits because of his rippling body. The other seven jokingly say when he is old his muscle will sag and so will his tits. He is the youngest of the seven being only twenty two years old. He wields the blade Spoken Word a sword that bonds him to his oath. It keeps him from slaying enemies and allows him to knock out and incapacitate them instead. He is extremely loyal to the King and Sir Temron. He was once squired to Sir Gondfound, whom he also has much respect.

Sir Gondfound Wrathfalcon, the Silver Knight and Captain of the Keep of Kirath. He is a man in his late thirties and one of the most talented fighters in the realm. He is one of the Seven Colored Knights and is the sworn defender of the King.

He protects the King night & day never taking a day off. Never questing with the other Seven unless the King himself is going. He bares a hatred towards the Black Knight, Sir Temron, who shares the feeling. He wields Righteous Steel a sword that has been in his family for centuries.

For over one thousand years the Prestigious Order of Seven Colored Knights has protected the realm of Kirath and Ameros. Each Knight passes his color unto a worthy and deserving successor. Each Knight carries a blade of some magical means, but they are not passed down. Instead the Knights are buried with them in the Halls of Chivalry. The Knight's report directly to the King.

The Current Knight's Blades:

Grimforged- A powerful sword forged by Jemron, Thane of Wynterhollow and brother to Sir Temron. Sir Agaron stole the blade as a young Knight and became magically bonded to it. It is the most powerful of the current blades. It can deflect most magic attacks and makes Sir Agaron strike true almost every time.

Light's Bane- A sword forged in darkness. It channels the wielders inner hate, sadness, and rage into a sparkling blue energy. The sword strikes with the force of a hundred Knights charging a castle wall. It is wielded by the brooding Sir Temron.

Gale-Wind- This sword allows the wielder to better understand the air and its workings. The sword gives Sir Waltar the ability to summon a strong wind that comes in gusts. It was gifted to Sir Waltar; a present from Imperion.

Fox Tooth- Widely considered the weakest of the blades currently wielded, Fox Tooth is a family blade that can control the snows of the north to some degree. Sir Birtan theorizes that its true power is locked away and that he must retrieve the Frozen Eye to awaken its power. Its pommel is adorned with fox teeth.

Thunder Blaster- The most reckless of the Blades. Gifted to the first Green Knight it is the only sword to be passed down from Knight to Knight. It has the ability to call a swift and sudden storm when the wilds are threatened. When it strikes another blade it will shatter it, assuming it isnt magical, and thunder will cry out. Sir Roland prefers to use a bow however.

Spoken Word- Sir Jacobus's sword allows him to never break his oath or oaths. He has sworn never to take a life and his sword prevents him from doing that. Many seek this sword and the other Knight's are envious of it.

Righteous Steel- Sir Gondfound's sword may never be used to harm the true King. It is the largest of the current blades and capable of cutting through almost anything. Sir Temron has made a point in saying he wishes to destroy the blade and secretly to Sir Gondfound that he wished to destroy him as well.

While the blades arent the most powerful in Ameros they are among the top. An Onsuntir is almost always better, but a Seven Colored Knight is worth 2-3 Casparian Knights and 5-6 of any other Order.


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